Mary Humphreys


When I was a freshman, all of the seniors that I talked to always said that the four years of high school would fly by really fast, so don’t take them for granted. Of course, as a freshman, I didn’t believe this. I was seeing another four years ahead of me, the light at the end of the tunnel so small I didn’t bother looking. However I’m at the end of that tunnel now, and all those seniors were right.

These past four years seen like they passed in a blink of an eye and sometimes, I still pinch myself to make sure I’m in reality. Of course I am, and now all I can do is reflect on the past four years. So what have I accomplished? I’ve made lots of new friends, got my first D on a report card, got my first 4.0 on a report card, got a job, learned to drive, and lots of other unforgettable things. One of those things, of course, was writing for the Eagle (16)

When I joined Journalism my junior year, I was looking forward to having a class dedicated to writing and I couldn’t wait to get started. Now two years later, I’m so glad I decided to sign up. Not only has the class been a place where I can write every day, but also a place with friends who all like to write too, giving me a sense of belonging. Plus, I’ve made friends with a lot of cool people I would have never have met otherwise, including Ms. Johnson who is not scary like I thought she was when I was a freshman.

This year, being Webmaster, has also been very rewarding. Even though I had to find and build a completely new site for the Eagle Era to continue online, it is so wonderful to see all the people reading on the website, both from American High School and elsewhere. And though I don’t want to do a whole lot of publicity, I do hope that others will continue in the Journalism program here, so that the Eagle Era can fly to new heights.

Unfortunately though my time here is over and  I have to leave American, but to all of you staying, just remember it really does fly by really fast, so make the most out of it.

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