American’s Got Talent program cancelled for the year

Shruthi Kumar

Staff Writer

American High School had been planning for American’s Got Talent to take place at the end of the school year, but due to a lack of interest this program was cancelled.  However, before auditions were formally held to determine which acts would be performing on the night of, the show itself was publicly cancelled for the year on May 21st.  

“We actually decided to cancel American’s Got Talent this year since it did not seem to generate as much interest in the student body and this cancellation was released [Wednesday],” former head of American’s Got Talent Abbee Kelati (11) said.

The select few who were interested in having the show did not get the opportunity.  They were upset because the majority of the student body did not care for the show.

“I found out during the ASB meeting, from Abbee and Mr. Fulton,” Aditya Joshi (12) said.  “It was cancelled because we did not have enough people participating.  Although the idea was great, we were a little disappointed.”

Auditions were to be held beforehand.  Those who were planning to audition for a slot had already started doing so, only to be told this news soon after.

“I was more upset when I found out that the show was cancelled after I finished preparing for auditions,” Joshi said.  “I knew what I was going to sing, who with, and how we were going to do it; only to find out that none of that was going to happen.  After all the work I put into planning what to do for the performance, I was bummed.”

Some students were unaware of what American’s Got Talent had to offer or what the show would have been like.

“If American’s Got Talent were more advertised, it is possible that the student body would generate more interest,” Sonal Periwal (10) said.  “I know I wasn’t really aware of any details about that program; maybe it would have helped.”

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