Briana Hill


All my days of wishing to get out high school and on to the real world is over, because I am finally graduating. Looking back, I wish I had really spent every day of high school to the fullest. Back when I was a freshman, I thought that four years was a lot, but now as a senior I have realized that is a very small portion of my life that I will never get back or be able to experience ever again.

There were many things I have accomplished in my four years at American High School and there were also many things that I wanted to accomplish but did not. I played varsity volleyball for three years, became the Editor-In-Chief of the Eagle Era, got my driver’s license, got employed at a family child care and much more. One thing I wanted was to go straight into a UC or CSU after high school but I chose to go to community college for two years, then transfer to a UC so I could keep playing volleyball.  IMG_1749

A choice I made sophomore year changed the rest of my high school adventure. I signed up to be in Journalism. I was not quite sure what I was getting myself into. But in Journalism I was blessed to meet many new people. Ms. Johnson, the Journalism teacher welcomed me into her class with open arms. My first article I wrote and turned in for a grade somehow made the National Edition of My High School Journalism online and that gave me a huge confidence boost. I had always been in the shadow of my 4.0 brother and I guess you could say I found something I enjoyed and was actually good at.

Here I am now, the Editor-In-Chief of the Eagle Era alongside Benjamin Wong. I can tell you that it was not necessarily the easiest job in the world. There were many struggles and complications we went through each and every month. We did not have as many staff writers as usual in Journalism this year but we made do with what we had. We were not able to put out as many issues as we wanted but when we did do an issue, it was amazing.

I do wish that the Journalism program here at American continues to grow and expand to new levels. I am so grateful to have been able to be a part of the Eagle Era for 3/4th of my high school adventure. I will definitely miss the Eagle Era, Eagle Era writers and Ms. Johnson. I know that Megumi and Navya will do magnificent things with the Eagle Era next school year and  I wish you two the best.

And with that being said, I truly am sad to have leave. One tip of advice I would give is to slow down. Do not be so eager to grow up. Before you know it you will be on your way to college.

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