AHS Glee Club and Guitar Club Organizes Joint Beatles Concert

Benjamin Wong


On Friday, May 16, the collective Glee Club and Guitar Club came together to produce a Beatles-themed concert.

The concert allowed members of the clubs to showcase their talent in front of members of the American High School community.

“I was really surprised at the talent and the quality of the talent of people that I see everyday,” senior Michelle Tam said. “It was such a perfect way to show off two clubs and all of their achievements.”

The concert was also an opportunity for the Glee club to announce their new club council and their new advisor, Mr. Brady.

At the end of the night, after performances had ended, Mr. Brady shocked students with his rendition of ‘Let It Be.’

“I totally enjoyed watching all of the different singers and I thought everyone was really good,” Mr. Brady said. “I felt as though I wanted to jump in and be apart of it. [The performances] left me excited to be the advisor of this cool club next year.”

In addition to talent, the Glee club also served pizza, drinks, popcorn, and dessert. Dessert included cookies made by the club members and cupcakes donated by The Depot, a local cafe.Beatles Mania Picture

“I hoped there would be a good turnout and there would be plenty of food and drinks during the event,” senior and organizer Jacquelyn Bolivar said. “The singing was also a big part.”

The concert was a mixture of acapella and instrumental backing. For the most part instrumental backing was provided by the guitar club, and acapella was arranged by the Glee club themselves.

“Singing and acapella music is fantastic, but having a solid bass and accompaniment makes all the difference in overall feel,” Bolivar said “Plus who doesn’t love guitar players.”

Overall, the turnout was impressive, and more chairs ended up having to be set up.

“I thought it went well and there were a lot of Beatles fans; the school seemed supportive of our little event,” Bolivar said. “The Beatles are a classic for young to old. It seems that even 6 year olds know ‘Hey Jude’ and most definitely a 66 year old! They are definitely timeless artists.”

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