Appreciation week hosted for all American High school staff members

Shruthi Kumar

Staff Writer

American High School hosted an annual PTSA-organized Staff Appreciation Week for all teachers, administrators and counselors.  

This event was held throughout the week of May 12 to May 16 at different points of the school day for the staff to enjoy.  This year the PTSA members and parents prepared a sports-themed week of appreciation for an “All-Star Staff”.

“It was really nice for something this big to be organized for our sake,” Ms. Sorenson said.  “This was my first time experiencing something like this, and it was a pleasant surprise.  I am thankful, and feel very much appreciated!”

Each weekday consisted of something planned for the staff members at different times before or during the school day.  The week started off with a breakfast sponsored and served by AHS on Monday; Tuesday involved snacks, Wednesday had an ice-cream bar, Thursday initiated a raffle for which the prizes were handed out on Friday, followed by a final lunch party.

“It was creative how everything went with the theme; it was really nice, and I looked forward to it every day,” Sorenson said.

The raffle tickets were distributed on Thursday in each staff member’s mailbox.  Everyone placed their raffle tickets in a basket in Faculty Commons, from which the prizes were then distributed during the final day of the week; it was won by those selected in a random draw.

“The prices were interesting,” Sorenson said.  “I remember seeing a beach set, and a mini barbecue set among the others.”

Understandably enough, Staff Appreciation Week was put together to remind staff members their work ethic and effort is never unnoticed.  It is an annual occurrence, and occurs during the duration of roughly one school week.

“I’ve been here for a while, and have been to my fair-share of Appreciation Weeks, but each year I am blown away by all of the care the PTSA members and everyone else who arranges this puts into the event,” counselor Mrs. Nightengale said.  “Each year there is an original theme, and there are so many different, fun activities for us to enjoy.”

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