AHS Class of 2016 Faces Setbacks with Balloon Gram Sale

Shruthi Kumar

Staff Writer

American High School’s sophomore class of 2016 organized a balloon gram sale from May 5th-9th to raise money for their prom, only to approach certain obstacles throughout the week. Members of the class council planned to sell personalized balloon grams ranging from $2-5 each.

“It was a great idea, it lined up with the last week of APs and Teacher Appreciation Week.  Since it was a stressful period for everyone, me and my council figured it would be the most ideal to make these ‘care-packages’ available,” future Class of 2016 president Saahil Patel (10) said.

The balloons were made available at SAC in the rotunda for purchase.  Prices consisted of $2 for a balloon without candy, $3 for one with candy, and $5 for two balloons with candy.

A couple days into the week, the number of balloons began to decrease disproportionately to the number of sales made so far.  The balloons were later found popped, which put a damper on the class sale.  Nevertheless, the balloons which remained in proper condition managed to be sold to students who were willing to purchase them.

“Our sale didn’t go as great as it could have if some of the balloons weren’t popped, but we still managed to do pretty well,” Patel said.  “A lot of students purchased and enjoyed the balloons in the spirit of testing week.  It was really nice!”

Students who purchased the balloons typically intended to gift them to peers as a friendly gram or to alleviate the stress of AP exams.

“It was really sweet to receive this on Friday,” Divya Madhavan (12) said.  “I was pleasantly surprised, and it definitely took my mind off of all of the tests I have coming up.”

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