Preparations to the exquisite food for the Wrestling team

Jomari Buenaflor

Staff Writer

    Wrestling season is over and now its time to congratulate the efforts and accomplishment of the 2014 wrestlers for American. What powers wrestler to to gain all their medals? Food. Preparation of the fine arts of Culinary Arts 2 here at American. Food preparation was all prepared by the new chef of American, Chef Rosen and also the students who did it for community service hours, seniors Jason Verzola and Jacob Woodson

    “Marinating the the chicken was probably the hardest part because we to prepare it while the chicken was fresh out of the refrigerator because of the coldness of it,” Verzola said.  Their hands became numb from flipping and turning the chicken inside of the marinated made in class.

    “Serving was pretty fun and I got to see so many familiar faces as the night went on,” Woodson said. The wrestlers had a big appetite and so did the parents.

    Having to serve more than 75 people, it was an accomplishment to satisfy such a large group for just a couple of not-so-experienced chefs.

    With sugar and spice, and everything nice, the banquet was a great success. There was so much food left over but as a reward, Jacob and Jason, as well as the others that volunteered to help, were allowed to bring food home and have dinner in the classroom.

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