WASC was on the AHS campus for accreditation purposes

Willy Moosayar

Staff Writer

    The Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) accreditation was a thumbs up for American High School. On February 27th, W.A.S.C. stopped by to make sure American High School is following the guidelines to be an accredited school.

    “WASC was here for American High School’s one day review from three years ago,” assistant principal Ms. Palos said.

    WASC comes on campus and gets feedback from students, teachers, and administration.

    “They talked to forty students from all grade levels chosen at random,” Palos said. “In addition, teachers produced a report lead by Ms. Suratos.”

    Besides talking to staff and students, the representatives stopped by certain classrooms to see what the atmosphere was like during class.

    “They wanted to see our teaching techniques and making sure it qualifies for accreditation,” Ms. Palos said. “They also dropped by to make sure the curriculum matches the standards and that the classrooms are doing well in general.”

    One of the other things WASC was looking for was the advancement in the school’s technology usage.

    “School Loop, Chromebooks, Ipads, and laptops are all advancements in technology that we had put in our report,” Ms. Palos said. “We have put that in our future goals, to advance our current technology.”

    Overall the school’s report was positive and they will get there next review in three years.

    “We get accredited based on the data we generate,” Ms. Palos Said. “In this case, the students should continue doing well in their classes, therefore the data we generate will all be positive like this previous time.”

    American High School passed the one day review and the next time WASC will visit the campus will be in three years.

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