Students worrying about the Budget Project

Jomari Buenaflor

Staff Writer

    The time has come for the seniors to experience the real world for a few months in high school. Economics class has a project that requires students to see how it is like if they move out right after high school.

    Students were given about a month and a half to complete a scenario which was: You have just graduated from high school and now you are ready to go earn a living. You are absolutely on your own (no help from family or friends) and you are starting with nothing except your clothes, good credit, and a job. It sounds tough, but the seniors got it all done. It would’ve been easy, but given the limited time to do it made it so stressful especially to senior, Jacob Woodson who has completed it and ready to turn it in.

    “It was pretty easy but it was difficult finding a job with the requirements my teacher gave me” Woodson said. The requirements for the project had everyone worrying about not being able to find it what they needed. One of the hardest requirement was having to find a job that only paid $16.50. Most of the jobs today either pays more or less but some of the students stressed over trying to find a job that pays exactly. The requirements for having the job also required to have a higher education than just a high school diploma.

    Since the scenario basically says they are being kicked out of the house right after high school, they also had to find an apartment. “ My roommates and I found a good apartment to live in and we were able to split the PG&E bill as well as the monthly house bill.” Woodson said. “Finding a roommate for not only in the project, is a good idea to do. It would be easier to split the housing bill and other things in the apartment like furniture and maybe even food” Woodson said.

    “The project taught me a lot and that it’s really difficult to like with a pay of only $16.50. Education is really important and with having just a high school diploma, it won’t get people very high in life. What I would want to be in the future is a doctor cause I know they make really good pay and also I want to help people out” Woodson said. “Education is really big in the future and most jobs these days will not just take high school diploma. Getting a good education can be difficult but it is all worth it in the end.”

    Students at AHS will all eventually have to do this project. Students stay up late at night and stress to complete all of the work to be finished if it was procrastinated on. It’s not a good choice to procrastinate but no matter what, students will still stress over this whole project.



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