American High School’s prom is combined with both juniors and seniors

Briana Hill


    One of the many reason underclassman envy seniors and can not wait to be a senior is to be able to go to senior ball.

    Senior ball is a night to spend with your fellow classmates that you have sat next to in class for the past four years. This year American’s ASB decided to combine junior prom and senior ball and have a combined prom. They decided to do this to help increase sales and decrease the cost of prom for students.

    Some seniors have been upset by the combining of the two proms. They feel as if they are not getting a night to spend with just their classmates that they will be graduating with.

    “We are not able to say we had a great senior ball because we are mixed in with the juniors and underclassmen,” senior Kylee Cooksey said.

    Junior prom has always been considered less formal than senior ball but since there is a combined prom senior girls are finding themselves having to try and outdo the juniors with their prom dresses.

    “There are so many girls going from not only American but other schools,” Cooksey said. “Every girl wants to look beautiful that night but now I feel like there is more to compete with by out doing myself from last years prom along with all of the juniors.”

    Seniors are getting cheated out of a part of their high school experience that has been a tradition since American High School first opened.

    “I feel bad for the seniors because I know it was suppose to be their senior prom,” junior Monica Dunn said. “I think it is hard for the seniors because they had a junior prom to themselves and now they have to share their last prom with juniors.”

    Juniors are feeling sorry for the seniors because they do not get that senior ball experience. Juniors and Seniors will have to make the best out of this years combined prom because there is nothing they can do about it now.

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