Babies in high school, Say What?

Jomari Buenaflor

Staff Writer

    Babies are going around because of the class Parenting and Development. From class to class, there was a baby crying out in the halls.

     Teachers seems irritated about it but senior, Mariano Garza and his baby Tyrone Tyreese Garza made the best times last.

     “It woke me up a couples times during the night but im glad it was to make sure my baby was okay,”  Garza said. He misses the baby but he also misses his freedom of doing other things.

    “Even if it was difficult and stressful, I felt protective over the baby” said Garza. Finally having to give the baby back, he missed having to defend the baby from students wanting to flick or throw the baby down just because its “funny” and “it being fake anyways.”

    His dedication and willpower to the baby should be able to get him an A on this project. This project influenced him to wanting a baby in the future. “I would love to have a bay in the future but only the time is right and when I am financially stable”said Garza.

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