Upperclassmen Spend Excessively to Cover For Graduation and College

Shruthi Kumar

Staff Writer

    High school seniors shoulder the stress of paying demanding expense for their June 2014 graduation and college in the fall.

    “Saving up for next year is out of the question,” senior Sravya Bhamidipati said.  “Everyone has a different plan I’m sure, but either way it will require funds of some sort.”

    Applying to a multitude of campuses is a common way of guaranteeing oneself admission into at least one school by next fall.

    “I know a few people who apply to more than one college, because it’s like a safety net,” senior Karen Ku said.  “When all these colleges are getting your application, you know you’re bound to be accepted somewhere.  Applying to fewer colleges is definitely riskier.”

    When high school comes to an end next year, students attain independence in the different paths they take as high school graduates.

    “ Everyone saves up and sacrifices a little for their plans next year, but there’s no denying that the idea of saving up to take the leap is pretty intimidating,” senior Lauren Pickering said.

    Pickering plans to attend a state university, and has juggling school and job searches so far this year in anticipation of her freshman year in college.

    “Seniors have a lot of fun in store, but it’s not worth the money.  Even for graduation, all that’s needed is the cap and gown, you don’t really need all of the stuff.”

    Furthermore, expenses are hiked up for upcoming graduation.  Caps, gowns, tassels, and other class memorabilia are sold at high starting prices on a first-come-first-serve basis, then proceed to increase in price with time.

    “Everyone needs a cap, gown and tassel for graduation, that’s a given,” senior Rodriel Bautista said.  “What’s unfortunate is that the prices are too high, and the limited time for free shipping and lower prices is only a day.”

    The company responsible for using the funds to provide the requested graduation supplies, the Grad Company, has six package deals; three announcement packages and three cap and gown packages each ranging from $70-$300.

    “I thought it was pretty cool at first, but when I looked more closely at each of the deals I realized that the announcement and cap and gown packages only differed by a few added items; inequivalent to the corresponding price changes,” senior Roger Lee said.

   Many American High seniors have decided to steer clear of the packages and only purchase the necessary cap, gown, and tassel for the ceremony in June 2014 as a response to the prices proposed by the Grad Company.

    “It seems like a smart thing to do.  I highly doubt anyone is going to spend up to $300 for a class ring.” senior Audrey Barikdar said.

(photo for this caption is saved under the file: Senior Expenses Photo)

The Grad Company offered the “Early Bird” sale for one day only, November 19, 2013.  The sale involves discounts tailored to the individual packages chosen by the paying recipient.  “I only wanted the mandatory cap, gown, and tassel, but my discount was still only eight dollars off of shipping, and that’s nothing,” senior Belle Lee said.

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