Even Pope Become Outraged

Ariana Afshar

News Editor

    Over the past years, electronics have spread worldwide and become overly popularized even in third world countries. People rely on them to live, to have a functioning life. Without electronics most of peoples everyday life would become paralyzed.

    With the popularity of electronics, people have slowly grown more fond of cellphones. Six years ago, when the first smartphone from Apple, the iPhone 1 came out, people realized that everything they do can be done on a small phone. According to businessinsider.com, Apple was able to sell over 9 million phones over the opening week for their newest model, 5s and 5c.

    The things one can accomplish with these small pocket-sized gadgets is endless. From taking pictures to paying bills, all of the personal information and life is recorded in them.

     Everyday the technology use rises worldwide.With technology rising the number of hackers and worries rise to.The communication with people becomes much easier, thus making it more efficient for anybody who is trying to plot plans against the government, or any other kind of nefarious plot.

    Most countries have set up organizations to prevent such incidents from happening. Specifically, the United States has set up one called the NSA (National Security Agency) which runs under the Homeland Security Department (DHS). The responsibility that this group has is to keep the citizens of America safe and protected from foreign threats.

    Edward Snowden, a now known former NSA worker first surfaced in June when he leaked out more than 200,000 classified US documents to the media. The world later on found out that America has been illegally spying on 19 different countries in the world, including the Vatican. People in America, Spain, Japan and other places who were becoming spied had immediately become outraged.

     As America tried its best to cover up its situation, President Barack Obama said that he didn’t know anything about what the NSA was doing according to CNN.com. Most nations were being spied on, including the US.

    It is understandable that the US is trying its best to protect the nation from terrorists, but even spying for protection has its limits. Spying on nineteen different countries is just outrageous, people deserve their privacy. What exactly is Pope in the Vatican going to do with America, bomb it?

    Although many people may argue that America is trying to protect its nation, its not okay for us to just spy on whatever nation whenever we want without permission. Every person deserves his/her privacy and even if they are going to spy, they should notify the public before so the citizens would know that their phones and conversations will be watched.


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