“Lizzie Bennet Diaries” Producers Start New Web Series

Priscilla Ng

Staff Writer

    Hank Green (from the Youtube channel the vlogbrothers) and Bernie Su have recently launched their latest web series, “Emma Approved”, a modern adaptation of Jane Austen’s classic novel, Emma.

    Told from the perspective of main character Emma Woodhouse, the videos are filmed in the vlogging style popular on Youtube, with the speaker directly facing and addressing the camera. More than just videos, the “Emma Approved” series stretches across many forms of social media (Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram), with daily blog posts and pictures (all while staying in character).

    “I think using social media to interact with audiences is a great way to get strong, loyal followers and attract new ones, too” senior Sanjana Naik said. “[Social media] helps [viewers] feel like they’re taking part in the storytelling.”

    The series is designed so that viewers can send questions and comments to the characters, which are later answered in question-and-answer style videos.
“It’s really cool how [Emma Approved] lets the viewers ask the characters questions on Facebook or Tumblr,” senior Rosemond Ho said. “I think it’s an innovative and unique way for people to be more interested in the story.”

    Others agree that the modern take on the classic story gives life to the novel, even to those who have read it before.

    “[The modern take] helps us relate to the characters and realize that problems that happen then and now in society and the world are the same,” Naik said. “Some students might be afraid of reading these classic books because they’re afraid they won’t understand it, but I think that series like this help to show that the story is actually easy to follow, and relatable, too.”

    The short videos also help to hold the audience’s interest; videos are uploaded two times a week and are generally around five minutes each.

    “It’s different than seeing a whole movie based on the book, which might be boring to some people,” Ho said. “And having the shorter videos means that even people that are really busy, like students with a lot of homework, can still keep up with the story.”

    The weekly videos can be viewed on the Youtube channel, Pemberley Digital or Emma Woodhouse.

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