Tuesday Lunch Activity at American Still Remains Popular

Shruthi Kumar

Staff Writer

    Karaoke Tuesday, a newfound AHS activity, has become increasingly popular over time.

    Tens of weekly participants sing every Tuesday in the rotunda, supported by an enthusiastic audience of hundreds of students.

    Karaoke Tuesday is set up in front of the SAC, where many students gather to listen to music and hear fellow classmates sing.

   “Sometimes it gets super crowded around the rotunda, but I can still hear the singing; it seems like a lot of fun,” sophomore Nina Krishnan said.

   Speakers are set up at the beginning of the lunch period, and students are given microphones so they can sing along to pop, mainstream, and other favorites.

   “Even though we can hear everything, we sometimes need to stand on our chairs and tables in the rotunda to get a decent look because it’s that crowded,” senior Vishal Satish said.

    A creative suggestion, Karaoke Tuesday was pitched by the AHS leadership class as something to look forward to during one’s lunch period.

   “Karaoke Tuesday was just a fun little idea pitched by the leadership class,” senior Rosemond Ho said.  “It was initially a spur-of-the-moment kind of decision; just so students can have a fun lunch.  But for something that started just this year, it’s really picking up speed.”

   Since the “rotunda lunch festivities” have only started recently this school year, Karaoke Tuesday has not been established as a definite school tradition.

    “I really hope they make Karaoke Tuesdays official, why not?  It seems fun and a lot of great music is played,” sophomore Jane Doe said.

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