The Student-Run Bollywood Team is Ready for the 2013-2014 School Year

Shruthi Kumar

Staff Member

    For the first full school year, American’s bollywood team, Tufaan, has decided to make a comeback in late 2013.

    With auditions scheduled for November 4th and 5th, Tufaan plans to prepare for four to five performance routines, each with original choreography performed at local Fremont schools and a couple of schools outside of the district.  

    Tufaan is a student-run organization. Those who wish to join the dance team are required to audition, as dance experience is required. The group choreographs a routine which they then proceed to perform at school showcases all over the city. With about three or four shows scheduled for 2014, Tufaan maintains a busy schedule in which its members rehearse on their own time.

    “Tufaan is making a huge comeback!  I’m looking forward to the auditions next month and I’m psyched to see what the team’s bringing to the table. I have so many awesome memories from last year with the team, and I definitely want to relive that”, sophomore Sonali Singh said.

    Singh was a former member of the bollywood team last year.

    “If I do have the privilege of making it on the team next year, I would really try to help out with the choreography, that would definitely be something fun to do.”

      The American High bollywood team plans to make a few guest appearances this year, such as the Evergreen High School showcase, Sunlayan.

    “For Sunlayan, Evergreen’s planning some sort of a timeline theme, for which each act has to choose a range of certain years for their routine songs,” senior Anjali Patel said.  “Tufaan’s planning to use songs from the years 2000-2004.  It’ll be cool, there are a lot of great songs from those years.  My co-captain, Edward Abraham, and I are gonna make it a great last year.”

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