The Battle for AHS Sports’ Life

Cohorts and the Future of AHS Sports Alvin Gonzales Staff Writer      Sports, to some student-athletes, is where their strong determinations have been built from. To some others, sports have given them the fond memories and strong camaraderies that they’ve built over the time they’ve been on the team. Other student-athletes are just big fans of […]

A Reflex Race: Badminton is More Than a Backyard Sport

In the middle of an intense mixed doubles game against a pair from John F. Kennedy High’s team, Catherine Lin (11) quickly moves to receive a drop, a shot in which the opponent aims the bird tight to the net. Sharp reflexes and agility are extremely essential to succeed in this fast and highly intense […]

Lukas Borba: A True Three-Star Athlete

 If you follow sports here at American High School I’d bet money that you have heard of the name, “Lukas Borba”. It’s October 2015. Junior Lukas Borba prepares to lead his Eagles to victory. This is not any ordinary game for Lukas—this is the Battle the Boulevards, the school’s annual rivalry game against the Washington Huskies.

AHS Facilities Become A Danger For Student Athletes

 American High School—the champion of the Fremont Boulevard, the home to many track stars, and facilitator for hundreds of talented student athletes. Although American students have put their best foot forward and accomplished many things, our facilities are not up-to-par with student capacity nor and safety standards.