Pencils Down, Laptops Open

Exploring the introduction of a digital SAT as well as its different advantages and disadvantages Sinchan Mishra Staff Writer      It’s official: the SAT is going digital.       The news came out on January 25, which Priscilla Rodriguez, vice president of College Readiness Assessments at College Board, stated would make the exam “easier to take, easier to […]

Opinion: Why We Should Have School Off for Cultural Holidays

The reasons for closing school to allow people of various cultures and backgrounds to celebrate their holidays. Anika Aggarwal Staff Writer In a school as diverse as American High, why shouldn’t we acknowledge some of the holidays that people so greatly value here?      According to US News, over 87% of American High School’s students are […]

Bye Bye Books

School districts across the country are banning educational and important books from classrooms Inaaya Adam Staff Writer      To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee sheds awareness of prejudice and racism in America during the Great Depression. Art Spiegelman’s Maus is a nonfiction graphic novel describing the author’s experiences as a Jew during the Holocaust. Both […]

A Sticky Mess: Life Beneath the Desk

Unsuspecting fingers fall victim to the blobs of chewing gum stuck under students’ desks   Nicole Wu Staff Writer      On a Wednesday school morning, you plop down in the seat of your third period class, barely holding your eyes open. Still drowsy from pulling an all-nighter, you absentmindedly reach your hand under the desk. Your fingers […]

Progress to the Future

DECA at American High School participates in a competition after suspension Karyle Agno Staff Writer      DECA. Where people in ravishing business attire present a plan, market the idea, and hold an award in hand. It’s a place where students can participate in events and learn about marketing, finance, hospitality, entrepreneurship, and business administration.      One of […]