Sorry Santa, Chimney’s Closed This Quarantine!

Governor Newsom has recently announced a new mandatory lockdown, virtually eradicating all outside-related holiday activities. The question is…what now? Renee Cheung Staff Writer      We have done it again folks, pat yourselves on the back! California coronavirus cases have exponentially shot up again to a record high of 28,000 new cases in just a week. With […]

The Impact Quarantine has on Students’ Mental Health

Students share how they’ve been affected by these nine months of isolation Akari Che Staff Writer      We have all been affected by the nine months of quarantine; it’s undeniable. Whether it drove us insane from being told to socially distance from family and friends or forced us to stare at a screen for more than […]

AHS’ Fans of Famous Fictional Faces

AHS Students and Their Favorite Fictional Characters Alvin Gonzales, Abigail Manalese, Neha Zope Staff Writers Saachi Baldwa (11) –      “My favorite fictional character is Jessica Pearson from Suits. She’s smart, strategic, and organized. No matter what curveballs are thrown at her, she always finds her way out. Despite the biases that dominate her field, Jessica […]

Many Paths, One Decision 

Seniors express things they’ve learned about themselves through the college application process Elise Kaylor Staff Writer      Applying for college can be stressful. High school seniors already have the difficult decision of having to choose where they want to go and what profession they want to pursue in life, but the application process itself is exhausting. […]