Relief, Reopen, Recovery

The reopening process: negotiations, hybrid-learning, and standardized testing Mengting Chang  Staff Writer      On March 5th, FUSD released their COVID-19 safety plan detailing the phases of their reopening plan as well as precautions and protocols to ensure public safety. Following this news, teachers are preparing to come back to a hybrid-learning system while FUDTA (Fremont Unified […]

International Week’s Lack of Cultural Representation

AHS Students feel as though American does not properly celebrate cultures through the time-constrained International Week. Abigail Manalese Staff Writer      American’s annual International Week did a complete 180 this year. The typical food stands and cardboard trifolds of cultural information were replaced with a website created by senior Veda Periwal full of virtual carnival games, […]

What Happens When You Fake a Kidnapping?

Victims should be taken seriously Bee Chaudhury Staff Writer      Content Warning // kidnapping, murder      Social media is used to bring awareness to news all around the world. People also use it to spread missing persons posters and flyers to hopefully help either find or at least bring awareness to the missing people. The internet allows […]