Advanced Placement in Stress

    A majority of students at American High average between three and four AP classes during their junior year, undergoing challenging curriculum in each of their college-level classrooms. Although meant to be an opportunity to enrich themselves in their subject, more and more students stack up on these classes to give themselves an edge in college […]

FUSD Board Meeting Addresses Prominent Issues at AHS: Overpopulation, Closed-Campus Lunch, and the Need for Technology

Five FUSD School Board Members address questions and concerns from AHS students and parents Sandra Resurreccion Staff Writer     On the evening of November 3, 2016, five FUSD school board members held a meeting in American High’s multi-purpose room.       Board members Michelle Berke, Desrie Campbell, Dax Choski, Ann Crosbie, and Hiu Ng gathered with students, […]

Electronic Transcript Service Ready to Go

American High administration adopts transcript website Parchment Sarah Jensen Staff Writer     Transcript delivery website Parchment became ready for American High students to use on February 8, 2016. The service is now running smoothly for current students and alumni to use.     Parchment is a credential-sharing website, which extends to diplomas, certificates, and other key documents. For […]

More Students Leaning Towards Science Courses

Navya Kaur Editor-in-Chief Every year, when March rolls around, students are given a registration packet with a one-week deadline to choose the classes they wish to take in the following school year. Recently, however, the amount of students enrolling in science courses has been increasing. Since we are at the center of innovation and technology, […]

Dress Code Policy: Students’ Perspective

Students discuss school’s dress code policy Navya Kaur Editor-in-Chief A universal dress code policy created by FUSD is implemented in all Fremont schools. In these schools, students are not allowed to wear tank tops, short blouses exposing the midriff area, skirts/shorts/dresses that are above mid-thigh length, gang colors, and hats. American High School abides by […]