Lore of AHS: Mr. Millard

Exploring the infamous room of Mr. Millard’s Computer Science class Alfred Ukudeev-Freeman Staff Writer      The room is bustling with chatter, kids on their phones, messing around on their computers. That is until “the GOAT Mr. Millard,” as Revant Patel (11) calls him, walks into the classroom.      “A lotta kids have Fortnite loaded on their screens […]

When Can We Come In?

Behind the disarray of the Homecoming Dance’s entrance wait times. Surya Chelliah Staff Writer      Flashing lights, loud music, meeting friends, dancing, and making memories; all part of the appeal of the Homecoming dance, but was any of this worth the nearly ninety-minute-long line some students waited through on October 22?       According to an email blast […]

The “American” Journey of VAISH and THE ROACHEZ

Early beginnings offer only a glimpse of these young artists’ musical futures. Alfred Ukudeev-Freema Staff Writer     “One day I was bored, and I was like, sh—, I’ma make some music. So I made some music.”      Vaishnav Desabhatla (11) is his name, but everybody calls him VAISH. He started back in quarantine, rapping over pre-made beats […]

The Voice of the Proletariat: A Cry for Rights

How the possibility of railroad strikes can shift the future for workers across America  Surya Chelliah Staff Writer      This past month, over 115,000 railroad union members threatened to strike over inhumane working conditions, nearly causing a nation-crippling economic crisis. Though averted for now, the potential for worker outrage still burns hot. Unions are combating a […]

Not Your Typical Fairytale

Gluing in the torn-out pages from the British monarchy saga Ananya Balaji Staff Writer         Cinderella. Snow White. The Little Mermaid. Another fairytale that arguably should be included among the ranks of such classics is the story of the British royal family. From the decadent weddings and humongous castles, to that quintessential royal benevolence, the Windsors […]


Two Racial Slurs. One Missing Teacher. A Classroom Left Adrift.

Nearly 6 months ago, an incident occurred which left a classroom without a teacher. 6 months later, the students describe what happened.  Emyr Ortiz, Nami Nair, Darcy Chew, Shreya Daschoudhary, Mata Elangovan Staff Writers      Every so often, a familiar headline pops up in the news: “Teacher Fired After Racist Incident in US High School.” Many […]