French Club’s Costume Contest

Paris Fashion Week Inspires the French Club to Hold Costume Event Navya Kaur Staff Writer     The French Club held its first Paris Fashion Week Inspired Costume Contest at lunch on Friday, October 25th. Students brought their own clothes or used the ones provided by the French Club to assemble together their favorite outfits.

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Put Me Back on My Bike

New Cycling Club Hopes to Unite All Cyclists at AHS Jessica Dosanjh Staff Writer      During Rush Week this school year, students at American High School were surprised to see other students advertising the “Cycling Club”, a club never seen before.

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As fall and cold weather starts to kick in, students prepare Mariam Yousafi Staff Writer       From crop tops, and high wasted shorts to boots and leather jackets, students slowly make their way to prepare for the upcoming cold weather.

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Did You Hear That?

Jonathan Miciano Creative Writing Submission     Charlie was not used to staying home alone. In fact, this was the first night his parents agreed to let him stay at home by himself while they went out to dinner with their old family friends. Charlie thought it would be great having a night all to himself, until […]

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The New Face of Carrie

The latest remake of a classic horror tale Mary Humphreys Webmaster     The newest halloween movie, Carrie, came out on October 18, 2013. Based off the novel by Stephen King and the original movie from 1976, this redone horror flick was one to keep an eye on.

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