Disastrous Oil Spill in Orange County

California faces a devastating environmental disaster Japneet Kaur Staff Writer      Saturday, October 2 was a catastrophic day for Orange County, California. Huntington Beach, a seaside city bordering the Southern California coast, faced a devastating oil spill resulting in the dumping of 126,000 gallons of oil into the Pacific Ocean. Officials attributed the spill to a […]

Ladies and Gentlemen, We Got Him

For years Facebook has faced scrutiny for its misuse of consumer information, yet it has managed to evade indictment. Until recently,  a whistleblower has presented the public with a story that Facebook cannot run from Josh De Gracia Staff Writer      On Monday, October 4th, the world fell silent as Whatsapp, Instagram, Messenger, and  Facebook coincidentally […]

Should the New Schedule Be Here to Stay?

How students and teachers view the double block schedule    Japneet Kaur Staff Writer      The shift in the 2021-2022 school year to in-person school has been rough on everyone here at American, especially with a completely different schedule to adjust to. In the 2019-2020 school year, prior to the pandemic, classes would meet more consistently, with […]

Decision Points: Evolution of U.S. Mission in Afghanistan

Exploring how the United States’ mission in Afghanistan evolved over time.  Namita Nair and Haritha Rajasekar Podcast and Associate Editors      As the United States exits Afghanistan after more than 20 years of turmoil, the evolution of the goal set by the United States when entering the war has been a point of interest and contention […]

Voice of Humaira Ghilzai

website: http://www.humairaghilzai.com Instagram: @humairaghilzai Humaira Ghilzai is a Social Entrepreneur dedicated to bringing people together across cultures. In the past fifteen years, Humaira has focused on projects that improve the world, ranging from helping women in Afghanistan and educating leaders about Afghan culture to working with playwrights, directors, television producers, writers and theatres on the […]