A Sticky Mess: Life Beneath the Desk

Unsuspecting fingers fall victim to the blobs of chewing gum stuck under students’ desks   Nicole Wu Staff Writer      On a Wednesday school morning, you plop down in the seat of your third period class, barely holding your eyes open. Still drowsy from pulling an all-nighter, you absentmindedly reach your hand under the desk. Your fingers […]

Progress to the Future

DECA at American High School participates in a competition after suspension Karyle Agno Staff Writer      DECA. Where people in ravishing business attire present a plan, market the idea, and hold an award in hand. It’s a place where students can participate in events and learn about marketing, finance, hospitality, entrepreneurship, and business administration.      One of […]

Complete “Euphoria”

Dark subjects spackled in glitter Inaaya Adam Staff Writer      Euphoria is a feeling or state of happiness and excitement. Ironically, the characters in this HBO show are burdened with mental illnesses, drug use, abuse, and childhood trauma.       Euphoria premiered in 2019 and quickly became popular in the media. With the current release of the second […]

The Elections Closer to Home

Taking a look at two candidates, David Campos and Bilal Mahmood, who are running for California State Assembly in the special District 17 Election Sahana Narayan Staff Writer      In the coming months, District 17, the district right next door to us in East San Francisco, will be electing their California State Assembly representative. David Campos, […]

Should the Merck COVID-19 pill be authorized?

Health officials give their opinions on the the first COVID-19 antiviral pill  Japneet Kaur Staff Writer      On Tuesday, November 30, the FDA panel of health advisors, after a day-long meeting with many expressed concerns, narrowly voted to back the Merck COVID-19 pill for emergency use authorization. Molnupiravir, according to Merck’s official website, is an “investigational, […]