Voice of Humaira Ghilzai

website: http://www.humairaghilzai.com Instagram: @humairaghilzai Humaira Ghilzai is a Social Entrepreneur dedicated to bringing people together across cultures. In the past fifteen years, Humaira has focused on projects that improve the world, ranging from helping women in Afghanistan and educating leaders about Afghan culture to working with playwrights, directors, television producers, writers and theatres on the […]

New Police Chief in Fremont Stirs Up Some Mixed Feelings

Chief Kim Petersen and Captain Sean Washington respond to concerns regarding the process of appointing new police chiefs without input from the public. Abigail Manalese Staff Writer      FREMONT, Calif. —  In the Fremont PD, appointments for Chief of Police have largely remained internal, ranging from internal candidate competition to city appointments. A handful of  Fremont […]

The Future of STEM

AHS students are hosting an international two week long STEMathon in August Darcy Chew Managerial Editor         Another Instagram story. The same blue green hues shared over and over. What the heck is the Terris Challenge? And what in the world is a STEMathon?       Junior Ashita Singh is one of the co-founders of Superposition Fremont, the […]

Speaking is More Complicated Than We Thought

Discussing the impending Supreme Court Case between Brandi Levy and Mahanoy School District and the potential effects the decision may have on students’ rights to free speech.  Neha Zope Staff Writer       Imagine being kicked off your favorite sports team, just because you said, on social media, that you did not like the tiring practices. The […]

Dippin’ Doom

Uncertainty follows the change of Grad Nite from the traditional timing to an all-day park experience, including the distribution of Dippin’ Dots Rebecca Beddingfield Staff Writer      Grad Nite, one of the first in-person senior events for the class of 2021, had a rocky start. While originally planned at Great America for 8pm to midnight, within […]

SAT? Not for Me!

The UC Regents’ decision to not consider SAT or ACT scores in future application cycles Liana Dong Staff Writer      To many students at American, sophomore year summers spent in air-conditioned classrooms are a given. Tutors promise parents an SAT score of 1400 or higher for their rising juniors, a dire necessity for those clambering to […]