A Smoky End to Fall Sports

The Napa fires have caused widespread devastation across Northern California, the dark smoky skies an imprint of their destruction. Although the fires are raging miles away from Fremont, the smoke has drifted south and caused unsafe conditions for the students of AHS, or more specifically, the athletes.

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A Colorful World

As color guard practices at their usual Monday weekly rehearsal, the flags enthrallingly fly through the sky while they gracefully cavort along to the choreography. It takes a lot of work and dedication to be in color guard, but the recompense is worth it. “I just get a really good, warm, fuzzy feeling while I perform,” Emily House (12) says, “I’m entertaining these people with what I’ve worked so hard on, and it’s, like, really rewarding.”

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A Fresh Perspective

 Let it be said that no freshman class has ever started the year off with such a bang.

    No doubt about it, the beginning of freshman year is tough. Everything is bigger—student body, campus size, homework load—and on top of all that, friends are changing rapidly and sometimes you just feel a little lost in the sea of people.

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Reasons Why ‘13 Reasons Why’ Misrepresents the Realities of Mental Health and Suicide

You’ve probably heard it all by now—this newfound idea that everyone should be treated with kindness because you never really know what’s going on in someone’s life, this epiphany that any small action can jumpstart tragic chain reactions, this sudden widespread change of heart—all elicited from the trending, highly praised Netflix series “13 Reasons Why.”

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French Club Brings Holiday Spirit to Local Children

The club had been preparing for the event since mid-December, holding a gift-wrapping session during which club members created individual presents for the underprivileged students. At the event, members of French Club wore holiday-themed costumes and distributed gifts to local unprivileged preschoolers and kindergarteners. This year the club visited six different schools: Cabrillo, Durham, Glankler, Blacow, Hyman, and Grimmer.

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Up on Four Hours of Sleep

   You wake up from your hour long nap after school and start up your computer to see what assignments you have on Schoolloop. A flash of heat passes through your face when you realize you procrastinated all week on that  English project worth 10% of your grade, and on top of that you still have to finish your APUSH notes!

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