The Fruits of Time and Growth

Being an introvert isn’t easy, but Abinayaa Murugupandiyan’s route to self-acceptance is one we can all relate to. Namita Nair Staff Writer      People say that high school is one of the most formative moments in a person’s life.      They’re right.      Look around and you’ll see it everywhere. High school is a vortex of new hairstyles, […]

A Voice that Ricochets

Exploring Vaneet Pani’s journey of self-discovery and activism while absorbing her considerable impact on society as a whole.  Haritha Rajasekar Staff Writer      Voice. We all have one. Whether it be through sound, writing, or gestures–voices break barriers while establishing ideas, thoughts, and indignance. Vaneet Pani (11) knows how to use her voice. At only 16 […]

Writing: An Exploration of Identity and Expression

Saanvi Agarwal’s journey of writing from inspirations to aspirations  Darcy Chew Staff Writer      Beaverton, Oregon. Young Saanvi Agarwal flips through another book — preparing for the annual Oregon Battle of The Books, a competition for young readers that challenges their comprehension of a designated book list. The beginning of her story starts here. The beginning […]